July 2008 | Pilot Plant for the Production of Spherical Activated Carbon
A pilot plant for the production of Spherical Activated Carbon has been designed and manufactured. The plant is composed of three major units; polymerization unit by the use of synthetic materials, curing oven, carbonization and activation kiln. The plant is installed in the premises of CAN Group in Ýzmit.
June 2008 | Heat Treatment Kiln
A 1 m3 / 750°C electrically heated truck kiln have been delivered to the repair and maintenance workshop for molds in CELIKEL Aluminyum Imalat San. ve Tic. A.S. The company is specialized on Aluminium Die Casting and is located in Istanbul. The kiln shall be used for stress relieving heat treatment of machined mold parts and also for preheating warn parts to welding temperature.
May 2008 | Preheating System for AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburizer) Converter
AKMETAL Metallurgical Industries Corp. has been constructing AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburiser) Converter in their steel plant. With the aim of preheating the vessel, we have installed a NG burner with 1000 kW heating capacity and its operating system. Start-up will be carried out together with AOD Converter tests.
April 2008 | Preheating Ovens in Textile Industry
We have added one more oven to presently operating five preheating ovens of different sizes in KORTEKS Industry and Trade Inc., a ZORLU Group Company. We have made some modifications in our latest design to have operational ease and safety. After testing the kiln in their plant, managing team has decided to modify all the ovens in operation to VESTA's design.
October 2007 | Kilns for Heat Treatment in Steel Industry
Within the scope of collaborative manufacturing of Gas Fired Kilns, AKMETAL Metallurgical Industries Corp. has decided to enlarge their capacity also in heat treatment to polymer & water quenching up to 10 tons. For this purpose, VESTA has added two more Kilns with larger volumes and one additional kiln is to be installed in their new MELTING Hall into our studies.
September 2007 | Kilns for Preheating in Steel Industry
AKMETAL Metallurgical Industries Corp. has decided to expand into open die forging. We have designed and manufactured three gas fired preheating chamber kilns of different sizes together with AKMETAL's highly skilled technical team. While AKMETAL were constructing the steel structure and completing insulation of the kilns, VESTA has installed a firing system composed of high speed premix burners and PLC controlled automation system.
August 2007 | Rotary Kiln for Cement Production with RDF Additions
Principally, raw garbage is at first turned into RDF (Refused Derived Fuel) and then it is used as additional fuel in clinker production. Evaluation of the ratio of the RDF addition to the fuel was a TARAL project executed by TUBITAK-MAM - Materials Institute, ISTAC A.S. and AKCANSA. With the experience we got in high temperature applications, we have designed a laboratory scale rotary kiln for cement production. It has an additional piece of equipment to feed RDF into the kiln with its feeding rate control equipment. It was erected in ISTAC facilities in Kemerburgaz, Istanbul.
November 2006 | Preheating Systems and Heat Treatment Kiln for Steel Industry
VESTA has modernized the present heat treatment kiln in the foundry shop of AKMETAL Metallurgical Industries Corp. We have replaced its atmospheric burners with high speed premix burners and installed a fully programmable control system. A considerable reduction in their fuel consumption is achieved. Following that, preheating systems with high speed burners adjustable by operator-s command for melting pots were constructed for two stations.
August 2006 | Tunnel Kiln for the production of DRI - Direct Reduced Iron
We have made a collaborative design study with DIGERAY Celik End. San. ve Tic. A.S. about -Process Development for DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) Production-. We have designed a computer controlled firing system on a 55 m long tunnel kiln constructed in EGE CELIK End. San. ve Tic. A.S. plant. There were 90 high speed premix burners to be operated in 5 temperature control zones. Natural gas, primary and secondary air lines were all individually driven by servomotors actuated by a PLC. [CO] and [CO2] in the kiln atmosphere were continuously measured to get optimum production efficiency.
July 2006 | Preheating Ovens in Polyester Yarn Production
Preheating Oven is manufactured to fit the limited area available at the shop floor of the Company MOGUL Tekstil San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. The oven was installed in a polyester spinning plant located in Gaziantep.
December 2005 | Burnout Furnace for Jewelry
VESTA has delivered a burnout furnace to URART Elsanatlari Pazarlama ve Tic. San. A.S. , very reputable jewelry Company. With our experience in high temperature equipments, we could obtain very uniform temperature distribution inside the furnace chamber with good air flow to eliminate all wax carbon residues from the flask.
October 2005 | Preheating Kiln for Sink Roll in CGL 1
We have installed an electrically heated top loading preheating kiln for Sink Roll in Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL 1), BORCELIK Celik Ticaret San. A.S. It has been designed and manufactured so as to have very uniform heat distribution throughout the volume. There were two high speed mixing fans operated by a programmable heating system with two control zones.
July 2005 | Heat Treatment Kiln for Aluminium Industry
We have delivered a gas fired heat treatment furnace to SPEEDMET, a Welding Alloys Group Company specialized in Aluminium wire for the vacuum metallising industry. It has been designed to their specific size. It has a vertical sliding door and there are four medium speed premix burners to be operated by our fully programmable control system. Together with the Kiln, we have also designed and delivered special loading and unloading trucks for the coils.
March 2005 | Soaking Kilns in Continuous Galvanizing Line CGL 1
We have installed two soaking kilns in Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL 1), BORCELIK Celik Ticaret San. A.S. The first one over the Zinc Pot was movable on Rails so that it could be positioned with respect to strip when it is in operation. Second one was fixed over the movable kiln, total length of the being 14 meters and installed at +8 m elevation electrically heated and controlled at 8 zones. By the use of them, approved mechanical properties were achieved.
January 2005 | Burn Off Oven for Electric Motors
We have designed and constructed an electrically heated fully programmable 35 m3 Pyrolysis Oven together with an After Burner for Motor Rewind Workshop of SIEMENS Turkey. Its dimensions and construction is designed so as to be able to make installation in a very limited volume in the workshop. Modules have been transported and successfully re-assembled on site.
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