July 2008 | Fully Customised Kiln in the United Kingdom
We have produced a user specified kiln for fusing. Details of design have been decided together with our Client. The result we achieved satisfied both parties. It was an enjoyable experience.
May 2008 | Lino Tagliapietra
Lino Tagliapietra has completed his demonstrations in Cam Ocagi Vakfi between May 19th and 23th. Master and his team has worked with VESTA products.
March 2008 | VESTA Kilns valuable also in Second Hand !
MMM Ltd. located in Yerevan, Armenia has installed our Bending Kilns in their production hall. They have got our Kilns as second hand and imported from Georgia.
February 2008 | VESTA Fusing Kilns in Finland
Anu PENTTINEN has been lecturing in Glass Furnace, Istanbul and she has experience in working with our Kilns. Once she had operated our Kilns, then she decided to have one of our Kilns of her own. Now, she has been producing some of her designs in our Kiln installed in her Studio in Nuutajarvi, Finland.
January 2008 | Still Big !
Mr. Fatih BOZKURT, Managing Director of the Company ?Mirage Glass Engraving and Decoration? in Dubai has been manufacturing their designs in one of our largest Kiln ever built. The kiln has two base units with [2.25 x 4.00] m2 working area. Both the movement of base units in accordance with heating unit and the temperature programming of the process including cooling phase with an option of fast cooling can be programmed by a PLC.
December 2007 | VESTA Kilns in Dubai, UAE
Following to Maleek Dekor and Mirage Glass, Al Karama Glass & Aluminium Company in Dubai, a company of Al Reyami Group has also selected our Kilns to add into their production facilities in their growing period.
November 2007 | It is really Big !
We have completed installation and start-up of our largest kiln ever built in the premises of Tetterodeglas in Voorthuizen. A fully programmable system has been controlling the temperature of the kiln in multi zone over [2.80 x 4.50] m2 working base area in addition to the movements of the body.
October 2007 | Security !
Crystal Company Cam San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti., a sister company of Crystal Company BV, the Netherlands has taken into operation our Kilns for the production of security glasses in curved forms.


June 2007 | Modernisation in Tetterodeglas is continuing !
Tetterodeglas in Voorthuizen has been enlarging their production capacity with our Kilns. The first group of kilns composed of different sizes were shipped to the Netherlands.
February 2007 | VESTA Kilns in Taiwan
Management of Huacinth Mirror Co. Ltd. has visited first our stand in Glasstec, Düsseldorf and then our factory in Istanbul. They have decided to start working on Glass Fusing Process with VESTA Kilns. We have shipped our Kiln to Taiwan.
September 2006 | Degirmendere Ali OZBAY
Vocational College about to start its education
Degirmendere Ali OZBAY Vocational College with its brand new technological infrastructure provided by founder of our Company Feridun F. OZBAY is ready for its first academic year starting on 11th of September 2006. All machinery and equipments of a protocol signed by our Company, Rectorate of Kocaeli University and Degirmendere Municipality are delivered to our college.
April 2006 | A New Glory Hole for the Cam Ocagi
(the Glass Furnace in Istanbul)
Eddie Bernard the owner of Wet Dog Glass,U.S.A. was our guest in our workshop during last week. We have combined our own experince to make a new a glory hole which is very quiet, heats up quickly and consumes much less gas. As a supplementary equipment, a pipe warmer was also additionaly manufactured.
December 2005 | VESTA Bending Kilns in the Netherlands
Tetterodeglas in Voorthuizen has started to modernise their technical facilities first with our Kiln.
October 2005 | EU Bidding
We have got EU Bidding and delivered a kiln for glass fusing to HÄME POLITECHNIC in Finland. The Kiln can be operated and monitored by a computer connection.
September 2005 | Trading with Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.
As a result of our cooperation with Haidar Trading Company and present trade strategy between Syria and Turkey, we have delivered a glass firing unit composed of three kilns in different sizes.
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