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Lost-wax casting is the traditional method used for making small parts and jewelry. Wax is formed and fused onto a base. Then a metal flask is put over the sprue base and the wax. Investment (refractory plaster) is mixed and poured into the flask, filling it. It hardens, and then wax is burned out. Casting is usually done straight from the kiln either by centrifugal casting or vacuum casting.
Rotating Burnout Furnaces
Rotating burnout furnace has an extra uniform temperature distribution supported by the movements of flasks throught the volume. Additional advantage is to have a very narrow opening for flasks placement resulting very low heat loss during operation.
De-waxing Furnaces
Burnout furnaces are very important pieces of equipment in any Casting House. It is of utmost importance to have accurate temperature uniformly throughout the entire chamber in order to get consistent results.
The Afterburner is designed to be used together with De-waxing Kilns. It operates as another small furnace but at a higher temperature. At this temperature, it can approximately eliminate 80% of smoke and smells which occur during the burnout process.
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