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Burn-Off Ovens
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Heat-cleaning ovens, commonly known as burn-off ovens, have been used for years in the motor rewind industry. Alternating current electric motors consist of a stationary housing (the stator), a rotor, and the end bells. The stator houses a wound copper wire coil, which is insulated by coating it with a varnish that dries to a hard consistency. Prior to rewinding these motors, electric motor re-winders need to remove the insulating resin from copper windings and soften the copper wire so that it can be easily removed allowing the motors to be rebuilt.

Pyrolysis ovens are gaining acceptance in the automotive parts rebuilding industry and more recently in the plastics industry as they are the most economical method of cleaning metal parts.
Designed and manufactured to Custom sizes.
Either electrically heated or gas fired. Custom controls and sizes available. Stainless steel panelized oven interior. Customized truck.