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Carbonization Kiln
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Specifications subject to change without notice.
Max. Operating Temperature : 1000C
Temperature Control : PLC programmable including all the variables of process, e.g. nitrogen, steam, etc
Thermocouple : Type S (PtRh-Pt) with dual element
Over temperature Protection : Available in four zones
Thermal Insulation : Light refractory bricks and Ceramic fiber
Source of Heat : Low emission high velocity NG burners with silicon carbide combustion tubes, spark ignition and continuous flame monitoring system.
Kiln Pressure : Controlled
Cooling : Programmable
Kiln Atmosphere : Controlled
Chamber : Sealed by air tight
Rotary Speed : Adjustable
Hot Steam Generator : Available
Body Construction : Welded steel structure
Coating : Thermoset powder coat
Standard Color : Beige (RAL 7032 W) + Orange (RAL 2004 W) - Other colors on request.
Connection : Three Phase + Neutral + Earth
With the use of newly developed combustion control system, gas fired kiln that can programmably reach up to 1000C could be kept at around 50C and even 1 K/min rate of temperature increase could be achieved.
The invention relates to a method for producing polymer-based spherical activated carbon.Patent is pending.