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July 2008 | Pilot Plant for the Production of Spherical Activated Carbon
A pilot plant for the production of Spherical Activated Carbon has been designed and manufactured. The plant is composed of three major units; polymerization unit by the use of synthetic materials, curing oven, carbonization and activation kiln. The plant is installed in the premises of CAN Group in Żzmit.
June 2008 | Heat Treatment Kiln
A 1 m3 / 750°C electrically heated truck kiln have been delivered to the repair and maintenance workshop for molds in CELIKEL Aluminyum Imalat San. ve Tic. A.S. The company is specialized on Aluminium Die Casting and is located in Istanbul. The kiln shall be used for stress relieving heat treatment of machined mold parts and also for preheating warn parts to welding temperature.
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