Glass  |  Fusing & Sagging Kilns 
Fusing is joining two or more pieces of glass by heating until they flow together or alternatively heating up the glasses until they just stick together, with each piece retaining its individual character.

Slumping is simply shaping glass by bending it over or into a mold.
Fusing Kilns for Hobbyists
Economic solutions for limited budgets.
Studio Kilns for Fusing
Mid sized fusing kilns for Studios.
Fusing Kilns with Truck
Fusing Kilns with truck(s) for larger sizes.
Fusing Kilns with Movable Top
Fusing kilns with movable top for large capacities in limited spaces.
Tunnel Kilns for Fusing
Mass production with amazing fusing times as low as 45 min. cold to cold in tunnel kilns. This group of kilns can also be used for decoration firing or fire polishing.
Click on the picture for available sizes and technical details including Photographs.