Glass  |  Decal & Painting Kilns 
The glass decorating colors are composed of a colored enamel, finely dispersed in an organic medium. During firing, the organic medium is burnt off and the enamel fuses to the glass surface to become a vitrified coating. Because of the presence of hydrocarbon organics in the kiln atmosphere, good ventilation must be maintained to minimize its adverse effects on colors.
Top Loading Kilns for Decal & Painting
Ideally suited to the hobbyists.
Front Loading Kilns for Decal & Painting
Mid-range kilns for the requirements of most studio applications.
Truck Kilns for Decal & Painting
Suitable for mass production.
Tunnel Kilns for Decal & Painting
Mass production with amazing firing times in tunnel kilns. With a design change, this group of kilns can also be used for fusing or fire polishing.
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