Glass  |  Glory Holes & Equipment
A glory hole is an equipment of glass blowers for re-heating glass to soften it so it can be worked further or to keep it hot enough to avoid cracking during other work like adding handles, feet, etc.
Glory Holes for BEGINNERS
Inside diameter up to 40 cm, with one split door set.
Glory Holes for MASTERS
Inside diameter up to 60 cm, with two split door sets.
Glory Holes for GAFFERS
Inside diameter up to 100 cm, with three split door sets.
Pipe Warmers
A pipe warmer heats the tips of the blow pipes and punties so that molten glass will stick to them while gathering.
Equipments & Tools
Rolling Yokes & Tracks, Heat Shields, Pipe Coolers, Glass Blowing Benches, Marvering Tables, Knock Off Tables.
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