Glass  |  Annealers 
Annealing ovens, which are usually known as Lehr are used for slow cooling of glass to relieve internal stresses after it was formed. The cycle includes holding entire glass item at a temperature steady long enough to remove all stress then cooling down slow enough so as not to allow stress to build back up.
Top Loading Annealers
Top loading annealers are best for operations where the user knocks a piece off the pipe or punty directly into the oven, allowing a single person to operate.
Front Loading Annealers
Front loading annealers are popular for their ability to be more spatially efficient, because it is easy to stack shelves inside and also to stack one oven on top of another.
Continous Annealers
Designed for mass production. The lehr can accommodate the production of many forms at a time and can process around 2 tons of glass per day.
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