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A range of kilns for mass production in industrial applications are designed to suit each users individual needs. For the firing of almost all ceramic products, e.g. earthenware, stoneware, porcelain (biscuit, glost and decoration firing), sanitaryware, and even red clay building materials, either single or double fired.
Chamber Kilns
Heavy duty kilns capable of firing ceramic bodies under oxidizing and reducing conditions.
Shuttle Kilns
A Truck kiln that has a door at each end. Fired trucks are removed through one end and trucks of unfired ware introduced through the other. Structural clay products, whitewares and technical Ceramic are fired in gross volumes.
Tunnel Kilns
Continuously fired kilns used in larger factories. Trucks of loaded ware are being in pushed periodically through one end and removed from the other.
Roller Kilns
Industrial furnaces which are also of continuous operation. The ware is placed directly on a bed of rollers or on batts running on the rotating rollers which carry the ware through the kiln. Very rapid firing times can be achieved.
Rotary Kilns
Rotary kilns are usually used in continuous processes, including cement manufacturing and the drying of granular materials. They consist of long tubes lying with a small angle with horizontal that are rotated slowly as heat is applied to the material being treated inside the tubes.
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