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Front Loading Kilns
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Specifications subject to change without notice.
Operating Temperature : 1100C / 1280C
Temperature Control : With any programmer having HAN7Da multipolar socket
Switching Device : Contactor with Surge Suppression / SSR - Solid State Relay (optional)
Thermocouple : Type K (NiCr-Ni) in 1100C / Type S (PtRh-Pt) in 1280C
Thermal Insulation : Light refractory bricks
Heating Surface : Side walls + Bottom
Heating Elements : Spiral wound elements to be recessed into slots that are cut into the brick wall
Cooling : Natural cooling by removing vent cooling plugs
Door Opening : Manual
Safety : A switch de-energizes heating elements when the door is open
Body Construction : Welded steel structure
Coating : Thermoset powder coat
Standard Color : Beige (RAL 7032 W) + Orange (RAL 2004 W) - Other colors on request.
Connection : Single Phase + Neutral + Earth
All the models are fitted with CE Plug and cable.
Equipped with leveling feet.
Compact plug-in Temperature Programming Devices of either BENTRUP or PIXSYS can be supplied.
Kiln furniture set can be supplied as an optional extra.