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July 2008 | Gas Fired Chamber Kiln being tested in MOROCCO
Within the scope of renewal project of technical structure of ceramic producers in Morocco, we have been invited to demonstrate a performance of our gas fired kilns in the city of Fez. For this purpose, a 2.5 m3 / 1200°C Gas Fired Fiber Insulated Downdraft Chamber Kiln has been shipped to Morocco. Preliminary test firings of the goods made of local raw material with traditional techniques will be carried out together with local technicians. In this event where major competitor's products of Turkey, Italy and Spain will perform
May 2008 | Electrically Heated Studio Kiln in Antique IZNIK Blue Tile Production
"IZNIK Mavi Cini ve Seramik Isletmesi" has decided to add one more VESTA kiln into their production. They have been reproducing antique IZNIK blue tiles and Ceramic. At around 18th century, the technique have disappeared without any trace of written documentation. By using our electrically heated studio kilns, they are surviving the history and producing the tiles with the authenthic technique.
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