Özmak Mühendislik
OZMAK® Muh. Mim. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Since its establishment in 1985, OZMAK has been offering solutions in the glass and ceramic industries. Solutions cover the range from small units to complete turn-key manufacturing systems. Proof of level of our capability are the numerous systems that we already have installed.

OZMAK was responsible for the custom design, construction and start-up of nine brick-roof tile plants, one tableware plant and four stoneware plants.
These turn-key based commissioned factories with various production capacities are successfully operating in Turkey and abroad.

Our company motto has always been "Ultimate Customer Satisfaction".
Our highly skilled staff equipped with our experience exceeding 22 years, is always ready to respond to the special needs of our customers.
Tailor Made
Our team can offer design assistance at any stage of renovation, modernisation, capacity increase and/or construction of additional units for currently operating factories. Furthermore, we are able to modify the design of any OZMAK product listed.

Using years of experience, our dedicated staff are ready to work with you on any prototype development.
Our company has a highly skilled professional team of consultants ready to offer their services. Be it during feasibility studies or application studies, our informed and experienced staff can assist investors and managers.

Additionally, in order to find efficient solutions to possible problems that may occur during any stage of production we are available for on site analysis and lab work if necessary.
Our company does regular maintenance and repair for systems both manufactured by itself and also previously purchased, but modified by OZMAK. This is done either regularly according to a calendar arranged by both parties or at the time when the need occurs.

Depending on the case, our maintenance team is able to work on site or on our premises. Limited warranty conditions are applied to the systems on which we do maintenance and repair.
Spare Parts
To ensure superior parts and workmanship, all equipment and machines either supplied or manufactured by OZMAK have passed through a strict quality control procedure.

Additionally, suppliers serving our company have been carefully selected for their quality products and services. Therefore, any spare part requirements our clients may have are easily fulfilled from OZMAK or supplier warehouses.